Delivery Descriptions

FLUT-fitting are constructed for the varied interests of the
paper industry.
The multiway fittings offer a serie of advantages:
  • simple and robust build-up
  • flow favourable construction style
  • unambiguous position indicator
  • free installation position
  • modular build-up
  • varied operation possibilities
  • low in mainentance
  • safe functions

FLUT-fittings are deliverable in the following models:

1. Kinds of operations

  • hand lever
  • pneumatical drive
  • electrical drive
  • other kinds of driving as special designs

(for example with manual powertransmission)


2. Nominal diameter

  • NW 80 - NW 600 (NW 300)


3. Flansch drillings

  • DIN ND10


4. Materials
According to application area are following
material combinations for choose:

  • case as GG / stopcock VA
  • case as VA / stopcock VA
  • case as GBz / stopcock GBz
  • case gummed / stopcock VA

Other types, nominal diameters and special
designs are deliverable by request.